Our Mission

We strive to help bridal brands reach their sales and marketing goals using market research, data analysis, and a whole lot of creativity to craft integrated marketing campaigns. Here at The IGP, we subscribe to the inbound marketing methodology - a philosophy based on helping people and providing value first. 

We equip bridal brands with the most relevant information on what's working in bridal and in the digital marketing world. We provide you with knowledge and tools to improve your marketing strategies, so that you can get (and retain) the attention of your ideal bridal buyer, and ultimately reach your sales goals. 

We love the bridal industry and are constantly searching for new, innovative ways to help bridal designers establish a consistent online presence, create brand recognition and loyalty, and acquire new customers. Our approach is to truly understand and empathize with everyone we come in contact with in order to forge fruitful and lasting relationships. 

In today's fast-changing digital world, a brand's ability to evolve with technology is directly linked to its success. Keeping up with the latest in digital marketing and social media changes is difficult and time consuming, but it's also vital. We are committed to learning and sharing the latest strategies and best practices to help you succeed.