Susie Saltzman's Elegant Vineyard Wedding in Napa

Chana Marelus bride Suzie Saltzman

In a refined wedding celebration, the likes of which one can only expect from a fine jewelry designer, Susie Saltzman spared no detail when it came to her stunningly elegant vineyard wedding in Napa, California.

A palpable sense of understated beauty permeated the event, from the elegant wedding invitations to Susie’s stunning engagement ring (designed by Susie herself) to the lush green surroundings and sun drenched vineyard—a setting thoroughly evocative of old-world beauty and romance.

In true celebrity designer tradition, Susie opted for two wedding looks. During the ceremony, she wore a chic strapless Vera Wang gown and then changed into Chana Marelus’ signature gown, Clover, for the reception. The entire soirée was beautifully captured by photographer Donny Zavala. Scroll down to view!

Chana Marelus real bride Suzie Saltzman