Why Every Bridal Brand Needs a Pinterest Strategy

The Ivory Grey Project Blog Post on Pinterest for Bridal

This is the second installment in our social media marketing for bridal brands series. It's also an updated version of our Pinterest Strategy post which we wrote back in May. As with all things social media, there are new updates to the platform and actions you can take to fully leverage the power of Pinterest.

According to BRIDES American Wedding Study 2016, “Pinterest remains the most popular social media platform for brides-to-be, with 72% using it to find inspiration and/or help planning their wedding, up from 67% in 2014.” That’s almost twice the number of brides-to-be that are using Instagram for wedding planning. 

While the savviest bridal brands are already successfully using new Pinterest features, many others have yet to start thinking about a plan for this platform. And I get it. Managing various social media platforms is time consuming and can feel exhausting, but as a bridal brand, you can't afford to ignore such an important platform for our industry, especially at a time when visibility, engagement, and organic growth are down on Facebook and Instagram. 

Here are some facts to keep in mind, along with tips to improve your brand presence on Pinterest:

Pinterest generates more traffic to websites than Instagram.

That is, of course, if you put in the time and effort to grow your presence on the platform. Think about it: If a bride-to-be is looking for wedding inspiration and finds an image that can be traced back to your website, all she has to do is click or tap on the image and she’s immediately directed to it - not the case with Instagram.     

Tips: Pin from your website. Pinterest gives fresh Pins more distribution value if 1) they're saved directly by the owner of the website or blog, and 2) if the Pins are fresh. In other words, Pinterest will show your Pins to more people if those Pins lead to a new blog post or new content. Be sure to add descriptions to your Pins using language that your ideal bride uses. According to Pinterest, optimizing your Pin descriptions for reach is crucial, so don't forget those descriptions or keywords that describe your brand, and do use hashtags as well! Also, add a call to action to your Pins (and to your boards) to encourage traffic to your website - something like "click to view our entire bridal collection."  

Your reach on Pinterest goes beyond the people who follow you.

Pinterest now highlights this by putting your monthly reach front and center in your profile. Your monthly viewer count is all about the number of people who saw your pins over the last 30 days - a number significantly higher than your follower count. What this means is that you don't need to worry so much about the number of followers, and should just focus on Pinning great content that will appeal to your target bride, and Pinterest will distribute it for you.  

Tips: Your first 5 Pins of the day should be your best, most relevant pictures and they should be posted to your most popular boards. Pinterest prioritizes your first 5 Pins and distributes them to your followers first, then based on engagement, they get distributed further. With this in mind, you want to make sure you're Pinning at optimal times - check your Pinterest analytics to see when your followers are most active. You should also consider Pinning vertical Pins at this time, with an Aspect Ratio of 2:3 or (600px by 900px), as vertical Pins perform best. 

Ivory Grey Project Blog Post: Pinterest

To sum up: In this saturated social media world, it's important for bridal brands to have a Pinterest strategy. In order to get more traffic to your website, you'll want to be more active and Pin directly from your blog or website. Pin fresh content and always Pin your best images first, add descriptions that are relevant to your brand using language that your ideal bride would use when performing a search, and add hashtags + a call to action.       

A few more tips for those of you who are just now getting started with Pinterest for business:

1. Reorganize your boards and delete any pins that are not relevant to your brand or that don’t provide value to your ideal customer. Label each of your boards and pins clearly—think about what your customer will be searching for—no cryptic names, no matter how cute or witty.

2. Make sure you’ve switched to a business profile! This will allow you to take advantage of analytics. Information you can expect to learn here ranges from your most popular boards and pins, demographics (location, age range, gender, interests), pins that rank higher in search, and visits to your website from your Pinterest account. (Additional tip: make sure your website is mobile ready and all post links are working!).

3. Make sure your website is confirmed with Pinterest for further analytics information. This will give you data about the pins that are pinned directly from your website as well as how they’re performing on Pinterest. 

4. Activate Rich Pins. This means that, independent of pin description, your pins will show information about your website and brand on the pin itself. This ensures that any images that were pinned directly from your website will contain your brand information and always lead back to it.  

5. Leverage the new Pinterest profile to showcase your best, most relevant content. The new profile now includes a pretty neat cover that allows you to highlight the content you want visitors to see first. You can, for example, highlight your latest collection, top sellers, or your latest styled shoot. 

6. Keep a close eye on new trends and what’s doing well in bridal fashion overall, then leverage your own content so that your brand can be found and your pins shared. 

These are just a few of the steps you can take to optimize your brand presence on Pinterest. Ideally, you'll implement a strategy with your website at the center of it, and with the goal of gaining not just new fans but a deeper understanding of your customer so that you can ultimately serve them better.   

If you need help putting a Pinterest strategy together, get in touch with us - we can help!