Instagram's Latest Stories Features and How Bridal Brands Can Use Them!

IGP Blog Post: Instagram Stories

Instagram continues to evolve their Instagram Stories features and that’s great news for businesses. Two exciting features Instagram recently came out with, which I believe are particularly useful to bridal brands and boutiques, are the Instagram Close Friends List and Instagram Quiz Stickers. In this post, I will discuss how these features work and how bridal brands can use them to promote brand loyalty and increase engagement.

Instagram Close Friends List

Instagram says they created this feature because users are changing the way they consume and share content in Stories. Users want the option to share Stories with certain “close friends” that they don’t necessarily want the rest of their followers to see. The same is true for brands who may also want to share information with certain followers—say retailers or collaborators—they don’t want the rest of their fans to see. In short, Instagram now allows users to pick a group of “close friends” or followers to share Stories with.

You can build your close friends list by tapping on the three line icon on the top right corner of your profile. Then tap “Close Friends” and start building your list by going down the list or by searching for the profile you want to add. Once you’re finished, tap Done. Note that you can add or remove a follower from your list at any time—followers are never notified. When you share a Story with your close friends, your profile image will have a green circle around it (as opposed to the usual pink), both for you and for the followers you’re sharing the Stories with. This is the only way your followers know they’re on your close friends list. Anyone who is not on your close friends list will not see this and won’t know you’ve shared anything.

So how can bridal brands leverage this feature? Brands can create a close friends list comprised of their retailers, prospective retailers, or key players within their company. This means you can share exclusive content, behind the scenes videos, and information about, say, top selling styles, wholesale information, gown customizations, and general tips for selling your wedding gowns. Brands can also share trunk show availability, bridal market information and appointment availability, and they can even book appointments through the platform.

If you’re working with influencers or collaborating with photographers, etc., a close friends list allows you to quickly share information relevant to the brand and/or project you’re working on. This is also a great opportunity to request feedback on a new campaign and to test new content before sharing with the rest of your followers. Brands and boutiques can also create a VIP list and invite their most loyal fans to sign up to view exclusive content and be first to find out about new styles and brand news—think of it as a mailing list for Instagram.

IGP Blog Post Instagram Stories

Instagram Quiz Sticker

This new Quiz Sticker feature is great for creating brand awareness and loyalty. Most brands are already using the Poll and Slider Stickers to do this, but this trivia style Sticker makes it easier to encourage your followers to learn more about your brand while engaging with you on the platform. Quiz Stickers allow brands to create multiple choice questions that let participants see if they got the correct answer right away. The brand also gets to track these answers, providing insight into the effectiveness of their Instagram marketing efforts.

To create a Quiz, tap the Quiz Sticker in Stories and write out your question. Then, write out the answer options below (you can do up to 4 and no fewer than 2), and customize for color by tapping the Color circle at the top. Tap Done when you’re finished and start tracking your results!

Some brands are already using the feature to see how well fans know them. Questions like, “When was our brand founded,” and “Guess which celebrity wore our gown” are just a couple of examples we’ve seen so far. Brands can quiz followers on which countries and cities can they find retailers in; when was a certain popular collection launched; what collection does a certain gown belong to; or quiz them on the details, fabrics and silhouettes of your most popular gown/styles, etc. Another way to use the Quiz Sticker is to draw attention to or build excitement around a new collection or a new campaign launch.

To summarize, Instagram recently launched new Stories features brands can use to create content that promotes engagement, educates fans about the brand, creates brand awareness and loyalty, and allows you to share exclusive content with close friends. Now it’s up to brands to take advantage of this new opportunity to stand out in an increasingly crowded platform!

Are you already using these Instagram features? Leave us your comments below. We’d love to hear from you.