Chana Marelus' Debut at NYBFW!

Chana Marelus NY Bridal Week

Chana Marelus made her debut this month at NYBFW and we had the pleasure of assisting the designer with buyer meetings! We were stoked to be a part of Chana’s team because, well, we’ve been crushing on her uniquely beautiful designs for years. Needless to say, seeing and working with her new Spring 2020 Collection was an amazing experience for us.

Something we discovered as we began working with Chana Marelus is just how profoundly loyal her ever-growing fan base is. Women from all over the world travel to Tel-Aviv, where Chana’s Atelier is located, because they cannot see themselves wearing anything but a Chana Marelus wedding or evening gown. That’s because this is a line that stands out among all unique lines. Chana’s signature embroidery is unlike anything out in the evening or bridal fashion world.

Chana Marelus designs for the woman who knows she does not need to compromise modesty in order to look stylish. Her gowns feature elegant silhouettes, and the brand’s signature embroidery: floral motifs, all designed by Chana herself, transform timeless styles into designs uniquely hers.

It’s hard to overstate Chana’s passion for her craft which can only be measured by the adoring support she gets on social media, and in the devoted following she continues to amass all around the world. Scroll down to view some image highlights from NYBFW—we promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Chana Marelus NY Bridal Week
Chana Marelus NYNFW
Chana Marelus Evening