3 New Instagram Tools & Features You Need to Know About!

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This is the latest installment in our social media marketing for bridal brands series (you can find our last post here). In this post, I’ll be discussing three new, or relatively new, features and tools for Instagram you need to know about. Because Instagram is such an important platform for the bridal sector, I’ll be covering additional Instagram features in upcoming blog posts - also, as we all know, this is a platform that is constantly coming out with new features & tools, so there’s always something new to learn!

Instagram Quick Replies

This is a new direct messaging feature Instagram started offering to all business accounts. Basically, you are now able to save messages (such as answers to frequently asked questions) so that you don’t have to retype them every time you get the same question or comment sent to your direct messages.

Quick Replies can also be used to initiate a conversation, which is a plus for those of us who reach out to brides or vendors via direct messages. Think of Quick Replies as your master, “go to” set of replies or messages that can easily be edited to personalize with name and any other relevant information in a given conversation.

One more use for Quick Replies, which I’ll soon be trying out myself, is running a promotion or campaign you expect will generate the same questions or comments via direct message!

How to create Instagram Quick Replies

You can start a list by going to your Settings on Instagram, then tapping on Quick Replies from the list of options, then tap on the + to create your reply plus a “shortcut” (a short name for your Quick Reply).       

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You can also sort through your existing replies from actual conversations and just save them by holding down your finger on the reply you want to save, then select Save when the option appears on the screen. You’ll be taken to the New Quick Reply screen where you’ll be able to edit, and type in the shortcut, and then just save.

Instagram Bio Link Landing Page

You may have already noticed some Instagram business accounts have a link in their profile that takes the user to a nice screen containing various link or page options for the user to click on. If you were wondering how they do it, they’re using a third-party tool that directs users to a landing page filled with all of the links they want users to see. This is a super nifty tool you can leverage to promote more than one piece of content. In the fashion industry, we often have a number of pages we want our followers to visit, for example, your latest blog post, your latest collection, a registration form for a future trunk show - you name it!

I personally use the free version of Linktree, which gives you one bio link to house all the content you’re driving followers to, but there are other tools like it out there, so you have options beyond Linktree. With the Linktree free version, you get 5 color options to customize your landing page, but if you update to Pro, you get further colors and options, like the ability to add images, etc. One additional feature is you get to see the total number of times each of your links is clicked! Pretty nice, right?  

Instagram Action Buttons

This feature is probably most helpful for bridal boutiques and bridal brands that also do private bridal appointments. Instagram allows your business profile to offer the option for brides to book an appointment without leaving Instagram. This is the list of action buttons you now have at your disposal in addition to the existing Call, Text, Directions, and Email buttons.

  • Book

  • Buy Tickets

  • Start Order

  • Reserve

Note that in order to add an action button, you need to have an existing account set up with the specific third-party app you’ll be integrating to your Instagram account. For example, if you plan to add the “Book” button to allow brides to book an appointment, you’ll need to have an account with the apps Instagram has approved. We use the app Acuity, for example, to schedule appointments with potential clients.

How to add an action button to your Instagram account

Go to your profile and select Edit Profile. On the Edit Profile screen, scroll down and select Contact Options, then, select the third-party app you want to integrate with. Next, enter the URL for the account or page you use on the third-party app to which you want people from Instagram to be directed via the action button, then hit Submit and you’re done - the app should be activated and should appear on your profile where the Email and Call action buttons live.

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Are you currently using any of these features and tools? Or are you planning to use any of them? Let me know in the comments section below. Or share this article with someone who may benefit!

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