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We're brand strategists, digital marketers, & creatives who love data.

Our Story

Having collectively worked for a bridal fashion sales and marketing agency for 12 years, we have witnessed first-hand the fundamental changes in the buying habits of brides and bridal boutique owners. We've learned that the old way of selling a bridal line to boutiques doesn't work anymore. While it's easy to introduce your bridal line to the market, it's extremely difficult to get into your ideal stores and reach your sales goals. This is all due to globalization, a proliferation of bridal lines, social media, and the growing power of connected customers. The bottom line: today's bridal buyers are in control - 94% of buyers conduct online research when looking to add a new line, and more than 70% use 3 or more channels when researching a purchase. 

Most bridal wear labels are not equipped to deal with these changes--they lack a consistent and integrated marketing plan--which is why we founded The IGP, a marketing agency that really knows the bridal fashion industry and can offer bridal brands the tools they need to establish a cohesive digital presence and claim a solid place in the market. You see, in an increasingly digital world, those bridal brands that meet their customers where they are (online) in a compelling and consistent way, are the brands that will survive and thrive.

We help bridal brands stand out in a crowded market through inbound marketing tactics. We are bridal branding consultants, digital marketers, and creatives who also happen to love data. Our mission is to provide the latest, most effective tools, insights and marketing resources to our readers for free, and to deliver value to the bridal labels we work with. Meet the Founders!   

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